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Last Thursday we had a guest teacher in the class – Tim Goldman from Timfoolery who brought a spirit of mischief and play to Notre Dame for an hour.

People greeted each other with snychronised woohoos and jumps, groups became strange blobby monsters and moved together around the room making monster noises, and we passed pirate hooks , soft balls and strange mop like things around and gave them their own movement and sound. People passing through the room gave us funny looks but we were too busy having fun to care!

On November 28th, ten of us went to the Welcome Cinema event in Shoreditch. It was a wonderful night – we watched the movie Suffragette and then a panel , including the director , spoke about the film and women’s issues. Last but not least , we had the Welcome Kitchen meal cooked by wonderful cooks from Syria, Cote D’Ivoire , Eritrea among other countries.Absolutely delicious.

  • Notre Dame Refugee Centre

On Friday 8th December, the bravest among us decided to join a few more carollers at Oxford Street tube station, to sing in support of the London Churches Refugee Fund. The LCRF raises money to gives small grants to organisations like Notre Dame Refugee Centre assisting destitute refugees and asylum-seekers.

It was nice to see visitors, volunteers and even one of our trustees, joining in and singing their heart out for such a great cause – and those too shy to sing either rattled the buckets or took photographs… It was also heart-warming to see some commuters, rushing to get their train home, suddenly walk back to donate when they realised it was in support of refugees.

Wishing everyone a happy Yuletide….

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“The Centre brought me back to life. It is a Life Centre for me. It is because of the Centre that I can think about celebrating Christmas.”

Sunday has been living in the UK for 22 years. He started coming to the Centre 3 years ago. With the help of the Centre, he has obtained the “Leave to remain” status.

With this, he has been able to find a flat and to start looking for a job.

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