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NEW : Harrods of Leicester Square

NDRC opened its doors 21 years ago and we then had a very small space to store second hand clothes to be given to our destitute visitors.

Someone with a tremendous sense of humour, named our display of clothes ‘Harrods of Leicester Square’! The name has remained.

Sometimes, when we ask our new volunteers to work in ‘Harrods’ at first they think that they will have to go to Knightsbridge!!!

Our ‘Harrods’ is a haven of goods and goodness for our destitute clients. We are fortunate to receive valuable donations of clothes in very good condition (sometimes new!), toiletries, shoes and bedding which we distribute to our clients. ‘Harrods’ is a privileged place for us volunteers to work in, it gives us a chance to chat to our visitors, who let us know their immediate needs. There, we do not only give them material goods, but quality listening to their horrendous stories, this attentive listening is something that our clients appreciate so much!

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