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Advice is available for refugees and asylum seekers. This advice is given by OISC Qualified Advisers over the phone on our Immigration Advice Line.

Immigration Advice Line

Available Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 10:30am - 1:30pm
(Not available during Bank Holidays)

0207 440 2669

Our advisors may be able to assist with the following:



  • Assist destitute asylum seekers to apply for asylum support.

  • Assist with Family Reunion for those granted Refugee Status or Humanitarian Protection.

  • Give guidance on how to apply for a Travel Document and Integration Loan.

  • Advice on employment, welfare benefits and housing after a successful outcome [only on Wednesdays or volunteers can assist on the day they visit]

  • Representation in refugee settlement applications.





  • Representation for private and family life applications under the Human Rights Act.

  • Representation of refused human rights applications to the First-tier Tribunal.

  • Registration for British citizenship for children of undocumented migrants under the 10 year rule.

  • Advice and guidance only for the renewal of limited leave to remain applications including fee waivers.

  • Requests for removal of No Recourse to Public Funds condition if eligible.

Unfortunately, our advisors CANNOT help with the following:

  • Legal representation of asylum cases

  • British naturalisation applications for adults

  • Visa applications to visit other countries

  • EU citizens

Housing Advice

Available Wednesdays 10:30am - 1:30pm 
(Not available during Bank Holidays)

0207 440 2669

Depending on immigration status*, our housing and welfare adviser may be able to assist with: 

  • welfare benefit applications and associated problems 

  • homelessness applications to local councils (priority need only) 

  • referrals to hostels and/or housing associations 

  • asylum support applications 

  • assessing support options for those with no recourse to public funds (those with limited leave or are undocumented with children and/or have a serious health condition) 

  • GP registration/NHS debt 

  • Refugee Integration Loan applications 

  • HC1/HC2 applications 

  • general support where directly linked to the lack of immigration status 

  • signposting where relevant 


* those with refugee status or humanitarian protection, limited leave based on family or private life, discretionary leave, asylum seekers and undocumented migrants or those with precarious immigration status may be eligible for assistance

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