Supporting asylum seekers, refugees and human rights applicants in London since 1996.

What we do


The Notre Dame Refugee Centre assists refugees, asylum seekers, undocumented migrants and other human rights applicants who are in the UK either seeking protection or with precarious immigration status. If you would like to access our services, please email us to know what the process is.


Here are some examples of the casework we do:




  • Assist destitute asylum seekers to apply for asylum support.

  • Assist with Family Reunion for those granted Refugee Status or Humanitarian Protection.

  • Give guidance on how to apply for a Travel Document and Integration Loan.

  • Advice on employment, welfare benefits and housing after a successful outcome.

  • Representation in refugee settlement applications.




  • Representation for private and family life applications under the Human Rights Act.

  • Representation of refused human rights applications to the First-tier Tribunal.

  • Registration for British citizenship for children of undocumented migrants under the 10 year rule.

  • Renewal of human rights limited leave to remain applications including fee waivers.

  • Requests for removal of No Recourse to Public Funds condition.


  • Our counseling service gives an opportunity to explore emotional difficulties in a safe, sensitive and confidential environment. 

  • For any adult and young adult asylum seeker or refugee who finds him/herself in a difficult emotional or psychological or suffers from symptoms such as: depression, anxiety, insomnia, nightmares, trauma, flashbacks, despair, isolation, loss, couple and other relationship issues, as well as any emotional difficulties relating to life in exile and being separated from your country or origin and your family, difficulties in settling down in a different culture as well as stress caused by the Home Office decision process.

  • Our counsellor can help resolve our clients' difficulties and recognise their own strengths and abilities, give them back faith in themselves and hope for the future.

ESOL Classes

  • We have three ESOL levels, all run by qualified ESOL tutors. All sessions are currently done remotely (via Zoom).

  • We also run two ESOL classes once a week at the hotel where newly arrived Afghans have been placed.

IT Advice (Mondays)

  • This service helps clients with IT and computer navigation as well as using emails, the internet and social media.

Job Advice (Wednesday afternoons)

  • This service helps clients giving them the tools and confidence to apply to jobs and/or volunteer positions. For instance, it helps with CV and cover letter writting and interview methods.

General admin support (Thursday mornings)

  • Help with booking appointments, translating letters to French, bill explanations.

Creative activities (Mondays and Thursdays)

  • The Art Group plays an important role in supporting the mental health of our clients as it allows them to express feelings through creative work and build their self-esteem and confidence.

Befriending scheme

  • This project started as a response to COVID-19 and our centre's closure. The scheme helps those who are struggling with being alone and feel isolated. Once the volunteer is matched with a client, they will not be able to offer any legal advice or assistance, but they will be someone to chat (over the phone or zoom once to twice a week) to about things that are going on and how they are feeling.

For more information, to register, or to refer someone, please contact us.