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NDRC Refurbishment Appeal: We need your help to make our offices COVID-19 Secure!

Dear Friends and Supporters,

The Refurbishment of the Notre Dame Refugee Centre Space is underway !!

During the Coronavirus pandemic, Notre Dame Refugee Centre  closed its Drop-In services since mid-March 2020. While this decision was taken with a heavy heart, it was imperative to ensure the safety of both clients and staff members. Our Advice, counselling, and ESOL services are currently delivered remotely.  

In light of the most recent government guidance, we are planning to re-open our offices for advice appointments only for our destitute clients ensuring they have the very needed support in this crisis situation. Before we can do so, some refurbishments are needed in order to make our offices COVID-19 Secure.  This will also be an opportunity to make our premises more accessible to our disabled clients and to parents with buggies. 

I am encouraged by the support in kind we are receiving from the Notre Dame Foundation but we need further financial resources to carry out this necessary project, and need your help with that. 

To donate, please click on the following link:

I would like to thank you for any donation you are able to provide and would be grateful if you could share this appeal with others in your networks. 

Thank you with much appreciation and well wishes on behalf of Staff, Volunteers and Trustees of Notre Dame Refugee Centre, Shaku Williams Director Notre Dame Refugee Centre 5 Leicester Place London WC2H 7BX (the centre is actually located at: Maison Pierre Chanel, 16 Leicester Square) Tel 020 7440 2661 Fax 020 7437 9364

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