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Mentoring workshop at NDRC

Last week, we had our first mentoring workshop lead by the London EDC (Entrepreneurs et Dirigeants Chrétiens) group. This was the opportunity for eight clients to learn how to present themselves to a recruiter, talk about their qualities and skills, and overcome the barriers of a job interview.

The workshop ended with a group practice exercise where clients had to pretend to pass a job interview with one of the mentors, who were playing the role of recruiters. This way, clients had to put in practice how to successfully pass an interview. It was a fun afternoon and everybody was happy to be reunited at the centre!

Below are some of our clients' feedback...

"It was a really great initiative and I learnt how to successfully pass a job interview"

"It was really helpful for those who are insecure to talk in front of a group of people they don't know and don't speak great English. It helped me to figure out how to overcome my fears".

"This kind of workshop helps me to overcome my fears and be more confident about myself. It gives me the courage to stand in front of recruiters, speak English, and pass an interview. I learnt how to prepare for an interview, express myself, and how to stand".

Our second floor got busy for the first time since the pandemic. We loved seeing clients back!

Victor and Philippe giving advice to clients during the group practice.

This workshop will happen monthly so stay tuned for the next one ! Eight space will be available as well.

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