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London Legal Walk 2020

We are fundraising with London Legal Walk 2020, with a bit of a twist this year! Every year, the 10km walk forms a key part of our fundraising strategy. This year, we are joining together in spirit to either walk 10km or doing 10x of something, be that baking 10 loaves of bread in a day, performing a song for 10 minutes, or reading 10 books in a month. Follow us on Twitter or Instagram for more updates on the creative things our NDRC family are being sponsored for!

Without this funding, it would be much harder to keep our core services – legal advice, counselling, ESOL classes, and befriending – running. To give perspective, a single donation of just £20 covers phone credit for a whole month of online services for our most vulnerable, destitute clients during the pandemic.

To donate please follow this link:

Will you join us this year, when we need to financially safeguard our services more than ever, in either sponsoring our team or sharing this page within your networks?

Many thanks for your support!

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