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Legal Walk 21 of May 2018 Just a few days to go !!!

Why are we walking?

The term “legal advice” is hard to explain to sponsors. Oddly, fundraising for homeless people’s charities is much easier but advice agencies are the front line when it comes to preventing and curing homelessness, especially for children and families.

The same applies for helping older housebound people, trafficked women and children, domestic slaves and severely disabled people.

Very few people know that legal advice centres help these people every day. It’s what they do!

On the 21st of May, the Notre Dame Refugee centre team is walking to raise money for the same reasons, help the refugees and the asylum seekers.

Up to know, We have registered almost 60 walkers and today over 6000£ sponsorship, which is great .

Lets keep it up !! You can donate here

Thanks to everyone!!!

Please find the route maps for the 10km walk around London.

And don’t forget our sponsorship link

More information next week

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