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Housing and benefits volunteer needed

Notre Dame Refugee Centre is seeking a volunteer to offer housing and benefits advice by listening to the clients’ needs and problems in a sensitive and professional manner and providing the appropriate advice. The volunteer will interpret and communicate relevant information to clients and liaise with statutory and non statutory third parties on behalf of clients. Main tasks and responsibilities:

  • Many of our clients need help finding housing once they get Leave to Remain or Refugee Status. They may urgently need someone to explain how to contact the housing department in their borough, and help them with filling in the application forms/signpost where necessary.

  • Clients need to understand how housing benefit and universal credit (UC) work and how to get it.

  • Once they have a National Insurance number, they usually need assistance to make an appointment at the Job Centre so they can apply for UC. They need someone to explain that they must usually pay Council Tax, and that they they may be entitled to get a reduced rate by applying for Council Tax support. 

  • HC1 applications are also needed by many so that they can get free medication on the NHS. 

  • Other help relating to housing and benefits when necessary, such as help in asking for reconsiderations of negative benefit decisions.

If you are interested, please fill in our volunteer form and send it with your CV and a covering letter to

NDRC Volunteer Application Form 2021
Download DOCX • 151KB

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