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Good start for Advice telephone line

In the two weeks that it has been running, we have had a multitude of far-ranging queries. Concerns that we may not receive enough calls to start with were soon allayed. With the line ringing constantly for the full three hours, we were left hoping that everyone who wanted to get through, could.

For those who are not familiar with the project, the Advice Line is a dedicated telephone service to those who have queries related to regularising their stay, settlement and further leave to remain, citizenship and nationality, seeking asylum, and refugee status. Queries are often complex in nature, and many cover more than one area of immigration law.

We live in an increasingly hostile climate for migrants of all nationalities. The number of new visitors coming for advice from NDRC is increasing on a weekly basis. Combined with the ever changing, complicated immigration rules and steadily increasing fees, we feel that the Advice Line comes at an opportune moment, and hope that we will be able to offer advice and support to as far reaching audience as possible.

Please spread the word!

Fridays 10.30-13.30

T: 0207 440 2669

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