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2017 CLIENT SURVEY : Discover our summary report

The survey consisted of a group consultation with 12 clients and an outside facilitator, and individual questionnaires completed by further 24 clients. There was a balance of men and women. All but one of the clients surveyed were from Francophone Africa, with by far the largest group (17) from DRC. They were asked to evaluate each service and suggest changes or improvements.

The Advice service is very much in demand, and long waiting times on drop-in days can be frustrating for clients, but the quality of the advice is generally regarded as excellent, and the availability of French speaking advisers is appreciated. “The advisors take the time they need to ensure they address each case thoroughly” The Counselling service is without exception highly regarded. “Barbara respects you”. “She helps you calm down when you are facing difficult situations”. “My meetings with Barbara give me the strength to confront the future with courage.” The Health service is not accessed by very many clients but those who do use it are generally satisfied; for example, letters provided by the nurses have helped clients to access GPs. Some users made helpful suggestions about expanding nurses’ services. English classes: all agreed that the sessions gave them more confidence to speak English in everyday situations. They welcome the fact that classes are geared to specific levels and students can move up when ready. ‘Fiona is very encouraging. I can laugh with her, which makes me feel so much better’ Harrods (clothing store) is a popular service. Clients appreciate being able to choose clothes; the improved state of cleanliness of the basement store was remarked on. Clients would welcome the provision of more toiletries and, if possible, new clothes. Art and drama classes are popular “Art classes are very relaxing”. “I go to drama sessions and it always improves my stress level.” Drop-in café: Most clients are good-natured about the crowding and noise especially in the morning on some occasions. The difficulty of accommodating children when the café is full was noted. Good suggestions were made about reducing crowding and recruiting more clients as volunteers. The hot lunches are very popular: “the food is delicious”. “Volunteers are very kind”. General: most clients expressed very positive views about the Centre, and are happy with its services. There were some suggestions for changes or improvements which will be considered carefully. ‘The Centre is an orientation point that helps you find a solution to your problems’.

Quotes The Centre is like our family’ ‘It helps us see what we didn’t know about’. “We have a tough life and when we come here we find a warm meal and support’. “The Centre is very welcoming and whenever I feel down I come” “I feel less lonely here. People can talk to each other about everything .I’ve made a lot of friends here.” “I can talk my language. It is like home.” “I’ve made a lot of friends here. It is like a therapy!”


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