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Advice is available for refugees, asylum seekers and human rights-based migration applications. It is given by OISC Qualified Advisers over the phone only.

Immigration Advice

Available Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 10:30am - 1:30pm
(Not available during Bank Holidays)

0207 440 2669

Our advisors can help you regarding the following:



  • Assist destitute asylum seekers to apply for asylum support.

  • Assist with Family Reunion for those granted Refugee Status or Humanitarian Protection.

  • Give guidance on how to apply for a Travel Document and Integration Loan.

  • Advice on employment, welfare benefits and housing after a successful outcome [only on Wednesdays or Vols can assist on the day they visit]

  • Representation in refugee settlement applications.




  • Representation for private and family life applications under the Human Rights Act.

  • Representation of refused human rights applications to the First-tier Tribunal.

  • Registration for British citizenship for children of undocumented migrants under the 10 year rule.

  • Advice and guidance only for the renewal of limited leave to remain applications including fee waivers.

  • Requests for removal of No Recourse to Public Funds condition if eligible.

Unfortunately, our advisors CANNOT help with the following:

  • British naturalisation applications for adults

  • Visa applications to visit other countries

Housing and Welfare Benefit Advice

Available Wednesdays 10:30am - 1:30pm 
(Not available during Bank Holidays)

0207 440 2669

​​Our housing and benefits advisers can:

  • Support with Universal Credit applications and issues

  • Make referrals to local housing options

  • Assist with Asylum Support applications

  • Assist with GP registrations

  • Support with Council Tax issues

  • Assist with Integration Loans applications

  • Assist with HC1 application forms


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